Friday, April 24, 2009

Frontline Issues For The Pakistani Women-3

The issues of health,poverty, illiteracy, work choice, labour laws and rights, marraige and property issues are not to be addressed any more as the threat of bieng taken up by another ideology made by military-militant nexus is spreading fast. The Sindh PPP government is denying such threat in this province as they are although in share of govt., with MQM but deep down they hate and mistrust each other. The issues of women have taken a backburner as no new resolutions have been passed by the assembly. There is a large Pathan population in Sindh, and they are contributing to the economy. Their girls go to schools and their women avail medical facilities and vaccination facilities and regimes offered by private and govt., sectors. These population groups are also availing higher and university education in large numbers. A non- official survey shows a large Pathan student population in Karachi University and other colleges. Therefore assuming that this population is only comprised of workers, businessmen and transporters is far from truth. The dilemma is how will the state be able to absorb these educated urbanised youth ,especially the female population in jobs and urban society. It has been seen that the rural Sindhi women, when given higher education has not only contributed to family income,but also brought new ideas and very vocal,progressive contribution to society. Their ideas and input is very welcome and well respected. The same way the modern educated woman of Pathan origin was doing very well in frontier and we were looking forward to improvements in the quality of life in Frontier regions. Now this sudden assault in way of life and education of the Frontier woman is very damaging. Thier health status especially of the women and children will suffer enormously. In urban Sindh it is imperative for all people to come out of their ethnic distortions and unite to provide health, education and empowerment to its citizens especially women. (Though the issue of male dominancy in Pathan culture and its amalgamation with Islamic values should be addressed)
It has been seen that the culture of power,corruption,sycophancy which has become the norm in Pakistan has been the driving force behind revolutionary ideologies to take over. Taliban are not only challenging our status qou,they are also gaining strength because the ordinary citizen cannot get a simple FIR lodged,his children cannot go to schools, his house is a poor shack,he cannot get even a lowly ,measely income job without sifarish,or bribe. The Taliban idelogy may win eventually in the short run , because the ordinary poor guy may think it replacement of this corrupt system, where the bigger the thief, the bigger amnesty he gets. Where no questions are asked, trials done for big, murders and mayhem, where quiet hands work for national interest and folks like us are eliminated.
The modern political parties, and citizenry , if now ,does not realize that water has flown under the bridge and Talebanisation is challenging the corrupt sytem and what have we to offer in return? Same violation of human rights? Same Karo Kari? Same Jirga system, Same Swara, Vani? Same elitist and now garbed with head covering ,new corolla driving defence /posh areas madams,elitist o-A level schools , while the poor beautiful child of worker,housemaid plays in dust with broken sticks and sand,unaware for his future!
The frontline issues for the Pakistani women have now become the unresolved, unjust emblems of the Pakistani ruling urban elite, whose inaction and corruption is shaking the very foundations of the state. The very horrible marraige of injustice,looting and governance by a truly corrupt elite will eventually come to an end as history shows but what will be our gain? What ideology will we ,the ordinary citizen now espouse? That is the question! The frontline isssues for the deprived Pakistani woman has now become the Beacon for all of us!

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