Friday, September 5, 2014

Pakistan Happenings: Of Soaked Protesting Women &Their Out Of School Children.

Barefoot on a hot earth Dr Tahirul Qadri lays to waste all his 35 years of  religious and moral teaching.
As the Islamabad protests continue in its rain soaked 21st day, the women protesters of Pakistan and their children from Pakistan Awami Tehrik, mostly religious followers and employees of  Minhajul Quran, a religious and educational institutions' conglomerate, the entire nation of Pakistan wants these protests to end and  a semblance of normality back in their poor, as it is difficult and miserable lives.
These children which mostly belong to the small privileged class that  are lucky to go to schools out of the millions of children of Pakistan who are out of school for reasons such as poverty, lack of access, lack of transport, parents' illiteracy, lack of motivation, extreme malnutrition, anemia and many more.Their rights are being trampled incessantly by all the adults including their own parents and the leaders of their adult caregivers. These children were forcibly taken away from their homes and schools and made to live out in open, exposed to conditions where violence , lack of food and lack of safe drinking water,exposure to violence,tear gas,infections and other health challenges and other security problems.
These children were made to stand barefoot on hot earth outside in the sun both by the leaders and their mothers for no fault of theirs.This is to be condemned . Their basic human rights have been blatantly violated by adults who have exploited them for their own political and religious purposes.
The lack of responsibility shown by the adults who are participating in these protests and  especially the leaders who are insisting on the presence of these women and children.
Since last 12 hours continuous rain has soaked these children and their caregivers exposing to diseases such as pneumonia which is the largest cause of death among children .
Who will take responsibility of this? the whole country is only thinking about the vitriolic speeches and the  leaders are justifying their protests but non is even thinking of what these innocent children and their mothers are suffering.
Meanwhile the negotiations are going on a slow pace and because there are two separate groups. The Pakistan Tehrike Insaf which is a political party has given many demands to the government among which is the electoral reforms package which they say if  agreed to can bring about the judicial commission's report and the election 2013 rigging be exposed and can bring the current government down.

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