Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pakistan Happenings:Of Stolen Azadi ,Mandate, And The Poor Pakistani.

As we ordinary, hard working, citizens waited for our 14th August "Azaadi" festivities to begin, we were suddenly made to realize that our freedom had been rudely, ruthlessly stolen. stolen and snatched away by biased media channels, ill informed, unprofessional television anchors and last but not least by in experienced, simplistic, leaders, not necessarily ill- willed.So the simpleton Pakistani nation instead of rejoicing on the festivities of 14 th August saw with held breath how we tore each other apart on non-isssues and made rhetoric our biblical support and logic. How the leaders of azaadi and revolution marches traveelled like princeses and made the entire cities and country hostage to their whims, wishes, rhetorical promises and myopic vision and the ordinary joy of the citizen was stolen. The greenbelts of clean Islamabad have turned into dustbins and toilet refuge.The clear demand by Shaikh Rasheed of asking the military to come for Imran Khan's help in rain soaked emotions has really let the real cat out of the bag. As the troupe of sorts for Musharraf ki baqiyaat or the leftovers from Musharraf's "Last Supper" gather in rain swept Islamabad and the motley show of actors' flitters around the capital, a citizen looks with apprehension bordering on humorous cynicism how empty and incomplete the promises made by politicians to the simple voters. While the khwancha walas, sell their channas, bhuttas,and amroods to the rain soaked, tired, simple followers mostly Pathans and Punjabis from other cities in Islamabad, the relatively affluent leadres and upper cadre workers of both PTI and PAT retire in hotels, posh homes and relatives houses and the revolution goes on. The stubborn Prince asks for the Moon.
Anokha Ladla Khalen ko Mange Chaand..... so sings a crooner.

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