Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pakistan Happenings..A Vorticical Journey To Self Discovery Or Destruction.

This October it is becoming very clear what the many varied cracks are there in full view in Pakistani political and societal levels. Baluchistan post Awaran earthquake disaster has made it clear that there is  a wide gap and animosity between the army and the seperatists? Militants in hiding.The tragic remote control bombings of Jafferabad express shows how vulnerable an average Balochi has become to the evil machinations of the terrorists.The people are at their mercy , left alone by the state and its machinery which tries in vain to give a semblance of normalcy and "everything under control" to the outside "viewers". So far no solution is found to the "Balochistan" problem.
Post Peshawar church bombings and Qissa Khwani bazar disaster, KPK also stands on very shifting ground. As its new , on a learning curve, government tries to grasp again in vain, the volatile and confusing situation, questions again arise in the minds of the ordinary citizen, when will peace return. For whatever worth the media proclaimed statements of some militants show that they only wants talks on rheir terms and do not guarantee any peace or respite to the commoner.
Karachi is again spinning in a vortex. Some thugs, thieves caught but others with extortion chits and bullets to match spring up anew.The operation goes on with some successes like catching gangsters or some arms consignments but political party workers also suffer disappearances and violence.A big megapolis is again left on the wishes and whims of a minister who is powerful but again on a learning curve.
For the time bieng it seems the most important foreign policy question is the "drone attacks". No informed articulation about post NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan and relations with India.
As the prime minister who now seems in ill health pushes hard to bring the economy in focus at least for the media, a dull haze hangs over Pakistan. A respected Geo news network journalist Ansar Abbasi says on prime time show with Malik on Dunya News "Who says Usama Bin Laden is a terrorist " .We the measly viewers look confusedly at the screen.

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