Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pakistan Happenings..A Hot December.

I reject the cynical view that politics is a dirty business. 
Richard M. Nixon

As the first cold wind blows in Karachi after a winter shower and warm december, the shocking news of an attack on Peshawar airport is on television.The Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has accepted the attack with a complicated name mentioning sending the infidels to hell in Arabic as reported by Salim Safi on Geo News.
no infidels died except the said militants themselves and of course innocent people who were taken unawares. The largest number of injured were innocent people including women and children who were residing near the airport.
Why did the Taliban attempt this failed attack on airport. Well, the Pakistan Air Force base is next door and this was their target.By the way a flight for Saudi Arabia was ready also at the airport and if the people had died then were they fitting the infidels going to hell definition?
This attack was anticipated according to Rahman Malik, the interior minister. Only yesterday, a US government official had appreciated the army's decision to take action in tribal areas against militants. The airbase was the first logical target. Thank God it failed and hope that now the army takes a sustained operation against them.
Well, just as we Karachiites were reeling from a paralysis of sorts due to peaceful protests which literary paralysed the city against a Supreme Court summon to Mr Altaf Hussain, leader of MQM to present himself in court on 7th January, this strange, ironic twist in fate grabbed our attention. The irony is that Haji Adeel, on whose petition Mr Altaf Hussain is facing this disgrace and almost strange order from the court is  a minister of KPK where the attack was made. God has strange ,hidden methods.
Let us see if sense prevails and Mr Altaf Hussain offers complete and unconditional apology to the court and diffuses the inflammable situation or takes the other path.Well, the incoming news is that the party or its followers are calling it misguided justice.Let us keep our fingers crossed that nothing horrible happens.from the looks of it as to what is actually happening in Sindh, things appear grim.The nationalists and Functional Muslim Leaguers are giving catcalls that the Pakistan Peoples Party is planning rigging of elections. Strange that only a few days ago they were appreciating the Election Commission Of Pakistan as a sovereign body.The issue of constituency delimitation only in Karachi has also been intelligently taken up by the editor Dawn ( ).He suggests that this exercise should be done after the elections and a fresh census all over Pakistan.
The drama that was so popular in Pakistan ,Ishqe Mamnu ends on  a tragic note but it seems that foreign dramas on prime time Pakistani television are here to stay. It only seems fair that the demand of Pakistan media industry that they be not aired on prime time is justified whether from their cultural or moral demands and standards or because of economic survival reasons for Pakistani dramas.In words of Hillary Clinton,

The worst thing that can happen in a democracy - as well as in an individual's life - is to become cynical about the future and lose hope. 

We must not lose hope this December.

I join the protest against the targetted killings of Shias in Karachi, Baluchistan and Gilgit this year again in large numbers.

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