Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pakistan Happenings...An April's Foolery.

This last week of April, Pakistan stands at crossroads where the Pakistan Peoples Party once again will have to choose a noose.Either way it will suffer tremendous losses apparently but will again emerge triumphant and more popular after some years of repression.What is it that keeps this party so popular with the masses? In history it will be counted as most loved leaders, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. In fact it is the emergence of sense of vote and power of vote at the grass roots level which is making this party the choice for people all over Pakistan. As this party will eventually shed off its feudal makeup and move towards more progressive and liberal stance, the poor man will move towards it.The middle class which is small and more urbanized will again prefer to vote for this party as the other choices are too parochial and limited.
Prime ministerYusuf Raza Gilani is used to living in jail. that is not a problem. Ironically the ostracism being practiced by media and some journalists is similar to that practiced in ancient Greeks and Athenians. 
The lessons to be learnt here are that evolution of democratic process is taking place in Pakistan's society in a very rapid and interesting manner. This country holds 180 million people in a crazy , wild, passionate, emotional mosaic of ethnicity, politics, social makeup, literacy levels and religious groups. Its scientists from making nuclear bombs to discovering subatomic particles have won many a laurels.Its sages and saints have conquered the hearts of millions.It keeps its ancient wisdom from prehistoric (Mehergarh, Moen-jo- Daro,) to ancient history, Taxila, Harrapa, Gandhara to modern turmoil of an elected democracy which is in strife within itself with tribal, feudal, religious groupings, illiteracy in the modern sense.
We need to see the character of Pericles, Themistocles in our new emerging leadership.History repeats itself. Only those nations survive and emerge glorious who learn from history.

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