Sunday, August 8, 2010

Floods In Pakistan-Province by Province.

Happy in making tours, inaugrations, resembling Benazir. 

Sindh always looks like this in floods, grass and huts inundated.

Pakistan is facing major calamity and disaster as massive rains and flooding occurs in all its four provinces starting this month. More than 12 million people are affected, large areas with towns, crops and villages totally inundated. It started with the Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa province, previously known as the Frontier province.

Mr. Zardari takes a controversial trip to UK while floods devastate Pakistan.
Always rains bring this fate.
Water water everywhere, none in a PET bottle for poor in Sindh.
 The massive monsoon rains worsened the effects of summer melting of the glaciers up in the Himalayan mountain range. The swell in Kabul river added to the amount of flooding waters which submerged Swat, Malakand, Charsadda, Peshawar, Kohat ,DI Khan, Kohistan, and other areas. According to a flooding map the areas affected massively are Swat, Mardan, Charsadda, etc in KP and Rajanpur, Muzaffargarh, including Kot Addu , in Punjab. All other areas which are moderately flooded include Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalpur, Gilgit, Sibi, Dera Bugti, DG Khan, etc.
Who cares if world protected sites destroyed.
 As the flood waters travel down Sindh province there has been flooding in areas where the river banks are occupied and cultivated known as Kacha areas. The water has inundated several small towns and villages where several small Bunds or dams are breached. The Guddu barrage has withstood the water assault but the Sukkur barrage is yet to be tested . It is bieng predicted that due to breach of smaller bunds there will be flooding in larger areas of Larkana, Dadu, Nawabshah etc.
This happens to any political opponent. Politics in Sindh.
The response and relief in the already war torn and devastated KP province was expected to be affected and the army is helping as much as it can .
Cyclone PHET attacked the miserable of Badin, Thatta and coastal Sindh. No relief.
Karachi after rains.
 The situation in Punjab and Sindh shows the total lack of any planning for disaster management, rescue and relief. Due to the abscence of local bodies there is complete lack of coordination and relief work at local level. In Punjab several villages were inundated and the villagers are suffering fro lack of clean drinking water, medicines, food shortages already. The chief minister is saying today that if the federal government will not give aid then he will divert funds from his Sasti Roti scheme. This is being said when already the relief work was to be started. The Sindh situation is worst. In previous floods and cyclones also the survivors just had their meagre belonging damaged and swept away and were not given any relief either in kind or cash and this time also even the food they are given once in twenty four hours is stale and unpalatable.
 They are just dumped into dilapidated school buildings without bedding and the drinking water being given is muddied and stinking as shown in television documentaries both local and national media channels.
Poverty stricken people of the Sindhu river.
Opposition to new dams especially by Sindh, Dilemma?
 They are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting already. There are no arrangements for re-hydration etc. In Sindh the chief minister, too old for this difficult job is just touring some areas where he cannot fall into the water and i son a different plane from the irrigation officials. This time saving lands of the ruling elitist party at the expense of others does not seem feasible that almost all areas which will be inundated are Pakistan Peoples Party's domain
With or without floods life and with floods , death!
.Also as usual the "Sindh" administration attitude of "business as usual " shows the utter incapacity, awareness about disaster preparedness and mitigation. I do not know when will they understand? All the meager crops will be destroyed together with morbidity and mortality of the population.
They had no mechanism of involving the local health units in management. The school teachers appointed to run the camps are also not trained. The sheer lack of empathy by the elitist ruling part politicians who have all huddled up in their air conditioned residences in Karachi's Defence and Clifton areas shows the kind of mentality the poor Sindhi has to face. While they try desperately to salvage their few cattle and animals, life in Karachi Pajeros, KFCs , Pizza Huts goes on.I am attaching photos for you to see for yourself what the poor citizen has to suffer. I salute the poor citizen,hats off to his courage, patience and tolerance
Safe drinking water only for fashionable elected reps in 20 lakh blackened window cars of  Sindh. This is a mug shot for publicity.
. When will the elite leave power and when will Sindh become free and developed based on its own people.
Baluchistan also faced the massive floods due to typhoon Yenyemin and no relief was given.
My romantic life only for ancient legends. Rest stark dusty reality.
 Again this season it is being devastated and ordinary people who were farmers become beggars. The last disaster relief aid was also not given as promised and this year how can any one expect a better outcome.

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