Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Lotus Women...Sensual and in full glory.


Samina Raza with "Kuch Aur",water colour, charcoal ,guache. 

Paintings exhibition by Samina Raza.

A paintings exhibition opened at the Firaar art gallery of the T2F  by a very fine artist Samina Raza.
Samina has taken guidance from the senior artists like Iqbal Hussain and Nayyar Jamil. Hers is  clearly a journey of love with line and motif expression. It is as if as she is passionately executing a flourishing dance step. The line giving form to a motif or an object makes its presence felt yet subtly.
The artist told me that she has studied deeply the art of Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, and others and it is this deep understanding of line, colour and motif form that gives the artist the finesse and mastery to execute her pieces with dexterity and a very obvious visual appeal.

Kanwal ka singhar , water colour.

"Aks" meaning reflection. Water colour , pen and ink.

Aurat meaning woman.Watercolour, pen and ink.

Aurat, watercolour, pen and ink.

"Jheel" meaning lake or pond.Watrecolour.

Jheel, watercolour.

Samina Raza potrays the many aspects of woman hood and feminity in a highly sensous way by using the Lotus flower, the nude body form, the faces around. The depiction of women in various settings sometimes, rural ,sometimes modern urban mileu shows themultiple roles a woman has to play. Nowhere does the artist leave her deep interpretation of the woman's sensuality in all its glory.
Her treatment of the nudes is very appealing. The four framed consecutive paintings show a woman posing at first and slowly rotating and as the last frame is reached the depiction of movement is s o intense that the audience feels as if the nude will come out almost dancing. Her figures are rubinesque,adding to the immense appeal.Upon enquiring as if it was Iqbal Hussain's influence, she answered that she as a child also exaggerated and her father would put the image into balance. For example she would call a tree very big and tall but her father would say"balance".While drawing the figure she plays and expresses with the line. When charcoal is bieng used her love and flirtation with the line makes it into a live form.

reThe alive nudes.

the lotuses.

Her use of colour, line, motif and design is very modern. The reflection of  Matisse, Chagall and other modern painters makes her paintings all the more endearing. 

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