Friday, March 12, 2010

Lahore Bomb Blasts....The Eye Witnesses Say.

As the ink does not dry on the last bomb blasts in Lahore, I am amazed at the insensitivity, the business as usual attitude of the Punjab government. The interior minister Rana Sanaullah told the reporters and people on tv appearance, that this was not a security lapse and instead of pointing fingers we should stand as a nation against these terrorists. The question is that why is the Punjab administaration taking all these attacks as business as usual. Lahore is it seems an easy target for the terrorists right now.It is apparent that the Jehadi, militants are acting in league with Al-Qaeda and the NWFP militants. Only last evening the Tehrik e Taliban had threatened further attacks. How is it that the Punjab government taking the security situation so lightly?
The eyewitness accounts make it clear that the first blast occured at 12 .50 pm and the second was heard at 12.55pm after some firing was heard. According to  a  tv report highly explosive d4 category material was used with ball bearings and nut bolts. A lady eye witness was very categorical that in this cantonement area which is always high risk was not particularly secure. There was no security check. This seems correct as it is reported that both the suicide bombers were on foot. They blew themselves up near an army convoy of three trucks who were patrolling the area. The day is significant as it was Friday and there was a rush of people going to prayers. The death toll while I write is 37(3.45 pm) and the injured are about 80. the area also has a bus stand where buses come from all over country. It may be that these terrorists arrived by bus?
The lahore city people are very brave and resilient but it is not fair  that the  administration take it so lghtly. I think that these areas especially with army and security installations and residences should be under special security.  
As Pakistan's important city, Lahore has to be well guarded. Due to its large population , it is not very easy to check every single individual. There is a need to form area vigilance committees with residents and stakeholders to devise the guatrds and checks to entry and exit in each area. This can be divided into small Mohalla groups and very small areas manged. In such a way a useful and credible, vigilance will be formed. if the group looks after the residents, new tenants or residents, entry , exit checks, this kind of damage and tragedy may be prevented.
The special security force should also man areas that are at high risk.Crowded spaces such as bazaars should also have entry and exit checks  with scanners so as to avoid any terrorists entering. The Moon Market tragedy showed the sheer inhuman, barbaric brazenness of the militants when they bombed bothe entry and exit points with incendiary material in order to trap the women, children and their families inside . It seems that now the rush areas will have to be made vehicle free zones and the entrants should be checked. This has to be done.The citizens of Lahore should demand special measures for security.
The latest news is that the terrorists fired on people before bombing in RA bazaar. Eyewitnesses say that the terrorists went on firing at the passerbys , some of which died and some of which were injured. The second terrorist blew up the first bomb ,as their heads and bodies are recovered. the second suicide bombing occured five minutes after the first blasts.
As  in my previous post on Pakistan happenings , the video film made from CCTV footage of a previous Lahore bombing shows the well trained, and well planned  actions of the terrorists. Meanwhile the denouncing of fight against terrorists by Imran Khan and Khwaja Saad Rafiq appears misled. If at this juncture the war is withdrawn and the militants are left, they will multiply again like cancer cells and threaten the state of Pakistan and be helping the enemies of Pakistan.  

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  1. It's still very hard for us to comprehend in Australia. Thanks for keeping us up to date...and good luck.