Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Thoughts..Pakistan Happenings.

Dawn Tv started its Urdu transmission finally. Thank God. half the news anchors had muddled accents in English. Then such a large Pakistani people, 170 million of them understand Urdu.Inspite of the apparent hatred of Sindhi speaking, Baluchi speaking and even Pushto speaking folks, Urdu is widely understood and spoken.Their first Urdu programme, Sawal went so ,so. They even showed a clip where an elderly citizen said "Ulloo Ka Pattha" meaning an owl's son ,an expletive , though mild in Urdu. Mr. Kaira rightly objected that this should have been edited. Matiullah Jaan , the spikey anchor did not have to keep the whole clip uncensored to give it a sting . Was he competing with the other Urdu channel anchors who are using shouting voices, banging tables, pointing and even devilish cynical laughter as a means of attack the guest. Well, even love and sex becomes so dramatic or even vulgar in Urdu . Well, sort of. But it will be better if he invites one guest and takes a detailed answer and give some sense of the question and answer to the viewer.
Then the second programme, by Mr. Wusatullah of BBC Urdu fame also hosted a call in "Bolna Zaroori Hai" or "talking is essential" program. The first topic ,of making Sindhi a national language or all regional languages national was discussed. Amar Jaleel blamed the Quaid, then  Pakistanis, and finally Urdu speaking for not letting Sindhi come as a national language. He even said that Urdu speaking should not be afraid of Sindhi. The issue is survival of Sindhi as a language of the masesand not Urdu. He had no answer to the genuine questions as to why there was no work of creating content in Sindhi for children's curriculum and teaching science and maths in Sindhi in order to improvr the standard of education in Sindh. This has been proven that the education foundation if given in mother tongue makes a solid foundation.This is the problem with the supporters of regional languages , especially Sindhi language.Instead of a proactive role they are using the blame and conspiracy theory role to the detriment of their cause. I wish the younger generation realises this fault and improves. How have they managed to advocate their cause now that they are themselves in power in Center also?On the whole this program is interesting.
Then there was the joker on Geo TV. Sorry to use this word for a guy who appeared religious with a beard, safa on his head, and all the get up reading his views out from a Rs. 25. register, playing with his hair, scratching often, almost once even towards his nose. The speech was flabbergasting. All the sermon was directed against the present rulers whom he said" were of bad moral character,a contrast to the sahaba of the Medina era". "Our failure as a nation is that we are not teaching real "religion" to the youth and look what they are becoming by becoming doctors, engineers etc. All materialistic vocations". He has come out of some 300years cave. Woken up now. Hasnt he seen the dead bodies in Nowshera blast, and Gilgit masjid blast and Karachi Ashura blasts. Wasnt it about "real" religious teachings. Or is it that Shias are neither Pakistanis or Muslims.I am sure that he would even dismiss the Sikh Pakistani's kidnapping and beheading as a false story by a rival TV channel. They should not use the disguise of a religious programme to vomit such venominous political ideals. they should not take the name of the prophet (peace be upon him) with such ideas and motives.

the new religious bigotist stars on Geo.

So Geo TV presents pelvis gyrating, barely clad Indian ladies on one hand and calls every one a morally corrupt person except themselves on the other. What kind of education is Geo Tv giving? what are they teaching our youth who is already polarized, intolerant, dogmatic, rigid and confused. Also our literacy rate is so low. With media groupes like Geo, Pakistan does not need an external enemy. They should stop this joker coming in their tv whatever his pseudo- religious credentials.
Then there is this horrible video about ?Nowshera police doing violence on women and children .They say that they have 50 or 60 videos. Mallam Jabba is a resort area. I amsure thes guys represent a mentality that says that women should not come to places for sightseeing. The fanatic Muslim militants like eFazlullah of Malakand has many followers. These guys seem to be the same.Frontier government should seriously investigate and punish these criminals.
The kidnapping and beheading of Sikh citizen should also be investigated and culprits caught and punished.

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  1. Amar Jalil recently discussed on this subject when National Language Authority issued a new research oriented paper with reference to a speech of Quaid-i-Aazam about Urdu as official language. Amar Jalil then gave food for thought to listeners with wider persective of matter with laest developments. Amar Jalil in a T.V. talk said, "I am a perpetual student, learning is my need and requirement. Understanding the definition and explanation of wide term nation is complex. Generally nations are made with a common language, land, civilization and culture of the dwellers. Languages have the significant role in making a nation. In the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtun khawa people speak their relevant languages everywhere in baazars and restaurants. Now after the partition the situation in Sindh is different. This existing Sindh is not my Sindh, when we the ninety five percent Sindhies were then the dwellers of Sindh before partition. Respect was given to one another. We were looked respectfully in whole of India. We were living with our own culture and living standards. As in the different states of India having their respective languages as separate national language for that state and official language of India is Hindi. Similarly according to Quaid -e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Urdu would be made the official language of Pakistan and all other languages would be made the national languages of respective provinces. Subsequently no one would have objection for such a set up. In such prevailing scenario the name of The United Nations Organisation should be based on countries rather than on nations, as United Countries Organization. Nations cannot be based even on religions with the separate passports of dwellers of other countries".