Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Justice Direction...Where Are We Heading,In Pakistan!

Shazia in mortuary.

Post NRO, the supreme court lawyers threaten a strike to pressurize the government to implement the NRO judgement. Prime minister Yusuf Reza Gilani says that we accept the judgement over the NRO in letter and spirit. The questions bieng asked and rightly by the 'Lone Crusader' Ms. Asma Jehangir is that are the methods or wordings used in the judgement fair and free? She says that the culprits are declared 'beneficiaries' even  before thembieng proved guilty. Her very bold and candid article in Dawn today shows the stand she has taken.(
Many folks are confused , why this intense debate and concentration on the president. Why is the direction bieng taken by the government and the Pakistan army bieng opposed in many tv channels? How will it help the people who have suffered at the hands of the terrorists? What about th people who are  bieng killed in Frontier everyday at the hand of the terrorists. Innocent people like, elected nazims, naib nazims. Should the sacrifices bieng given by the ANP leaders and representatives and the army be negated and made trivial?
What will be the real result of opening up the Pandora's box now that there is popularly elected government in place?
Have the rightists who have made money and become beneficiaries in every percieved way by getting money and arms and favors from USA  under Zia ul haq and Afghan Jehad, so much infilterated the media?
What is Geo tv policy? Showing Barely clad, pelvis gyrating, Indian shows on the one hand and demonizing the elected Pakistani representatives on the other hand?
Double standards seem to rule many tv channels and others..
There is a very virile, poisonous feeling amongst the nationalists in Sindh as evident by the vicious speech of Mr. Qadir Magsi in Karachi recently. He was saying that we do not accept as Sindhis people who came into Sindh after 1954. He says that we have given our jaagirs, our land and  wealth to the people who came in Sindh. There can be a debate on the issue of economic progress and how the migrants from India settled in Karachi built a robust progressive city and much of Sindh's economy.Just by saying that we are Sindhis does not help Sindh at all. Also his virulent stand against MQM will not help the cause of Sindh also.He smells of racism and then Sindh has many races, Urdu speaking children born here are just one of the many linguistic groups. There are now baluch, Pathan, Punjabis and many more. Karachi bieng a cosmopolitan city represents many people.The nuisance value game bieng played by Mr. Magsi will really not help the Sindh cause at all.
The president made the Sindhi Cap and Ajrak a demonstration of his allegeiance to the Sindh cause. I think this was right. Why not ? Afterall PPP is the majority party in Sindh and has massive representation in all four provinces.
In order to enter the new century Pakistan needs massive human resource education and training. If we go towards divisive politics and trivialising the anti terror and in Pakistan context, the war in Frontier region especially, we will implode.
So where is this 'free judiciary\ really taking us?
If there is a grudge about May 12th, Tahir Plaza burning and such incidents, the like the 'Truth and Reconciliation  commission' in South Africa we may need another. Then there will have to be another NRO eventually because otherwise there will be civil war and genocide, on a massive scale. Do we want that?
Sindh has to be loved, taken on board and I think Pakistan cannot afford now to destabilize the popularly elected government and head for a civil war in Sindh. The policy of taking everyone on board bieng persued by Mr. Zardari is so far the most prudent. Inspite of bieng not a politician before he seems to take the country forward dexterously.
Had we chosen the path as described by the rightist forces, what would have been the scenario?
How would we have run the economy even for a month. How would there have been control on inflation?What about food shortages?
The energy crises is  not the doing of the present government. Had there been dams and power projects in the last dcade we would have had some relief. This crises is collectively everyone of us' fault. Why we opposed the dams.Why did we not demand construction and installationof new power projects? Why did not the people take out rallies then?
The rightist parties and the double crossing religious parties think that just by removing Mr. Zardari the problems will be solved. They are lying and trying to put dust in the eyes of the people. All economic and industrial experts are of the view that the energy crises will only be solved by adding more new capacity. Where will that money come from. Or are the religious pseudo-intellectuals make a new 'Ram' of the ' Saamery and fool the people?
Pakistanis should come out of their presupposed, false spin  ideas and face realty. The truth is bitter. We are morally and socially corrupt. Here lawyers are defending an accused fellow lawyer against a 12 year old little murdered girl and making the victim's family as the culprit.Thislittle girl was a Christian, so the so called religious party who chant go America go will not take out a rally in support of her and demand justice! Here we threaten and burn and kill Christians by false accusations of blasphemy when we need so much tolerance and forgiveness. Here  our lawyers , especially in Lahore, beat media journalists and threaten to physical assault if they give coverage to any one against them. Today they locked the court against journalists in the case of the 12 year old servant girl media case where they were supporting the accused.The domestic violence bill which was opposed and was made to lapse would have given such servant persons some shelter and rights.This bilol was vehementally opposed by JUI-F, a religious political party in the parliament.
Is this independance? Is this 'free' justice?
I warn you that there will have to be many 'Truth and Reconciliations!
We cannot move forward, not with blind justice, not with double standards, never with dicvisive politics.

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