Friday, July 10, 2009

The Inhuman Side Of Humans,Micheal Jackson's Children.

I was always so affected by Larkin Syndrome! Here was a young guy who committed suicide at age 32 years because he could not reconcile with the unfair fact that we give birth to children because we so desire, experiment with parenting, because that is an artform, and in the end mess up. The result is so many people with problems.Larkin's syndrome is what comes to mind when I see the Micheal Jackson kids. Well here is a guy who is himself broken and so child like in so many ways. Looking for some fun, laughter ,giggles as the beautiful Brook Shields said about him.He always wanted to have some fun which , I guess he missed as a child.So he marries Lisa Marie Presley an it does not work out. He then marries Debbie Rowe, an unglamorous but suitable,breeding woman who was his skin? doctor's secretary for some 22 years. So under an arrangement, she got more than $4 million plus a Beverly Hills home,(over nine years) she gives him two children.They seperate. Then again he desires another plaything "child" so he arranges a surrogate mother for the youngest son ,"Prnce Micheal II". This is the same child whom MJ hanged from a balcony!
End part 1.
Micheal dead in his bedroom just before his relaunch. He appeared ok!So say the relaunch arrangers.( Nicole Smith's life, isn't it the same and remember her last child and the lawyer,lover trial? Eeerie similarity!)
Now the much awaited ,publicised funeral, almost performed like a show, yes I say a show, almost lacking the human touch, almost like a gory drama ,Dr Faustes performance!Only genuine people appeared to be his own daughter, Brook Shields and Magic Johnson and maybe Dr King's daughter!So here is my point, why was not Ms. Debbie Rowe not allowed for the funeral show. She is the alive parent of the little girl who said "daddy was the best ever"and who cried. The false western and I say western values showed through. Everybody trying to put up a show and not letting the mom of the children be with them naturally. And the ugly,yes ugly father Joe,trying to appear so grieved. All false!So what if Debbie Rowe had collected money for the "services rendered". Wasn't this what Micheal Jackson wanted and after all these were not his children. The biological father was different. Thanks to the almost perfect racket of artificial reproduction, now bieng done in the west especially like a cosmetic procedure.The ethics of this kind of episodes and their effects on children who are at the recieving end are neither clearly defined nor defended. Where is the Church on this?
What is the government doing in this? Why are the rights of the child not addressed on such issues. Why are the American media behaving so shamelessly? As if this is a show.For God's sake these kids are for real. They are humans. Debbie Rowe is right in reacting to some journalists!
Micheal Jackson always" had his way "according to his doctor, and "was on a self destruct mode " according to Lisa Marie Presley( read her MYspace blog). So why not let the children be loved by the mother afterall "turning the other cheek is an amazingly good practice as told by Jesus.
Give the children their rights ,not as told by some grandparents or some such people who care for the inheritance,I mean money,goodies and the legend's.
Let them feel the love of the real alive parent.And for God's sake stop this hypocrisy that Micheal Jackson's immediate family is good and Debbie Rowe and the other surrogate mother are"bad".The children are real, the mothers are real and alive and Micheal Jackson is dead!

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