Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random thoughts for today

New morning ,old feeling ,what is depression ? According to statistics every fourth person in Pakistan is suffering from some form of mental illness.With a population of 160 million this comes to 40 million which is a major burden on our society both in economic and social terms. Productivity in all sense,economic, intellectual,social relationships, healthy evolution of societal groups, their interactions all suffer.The literacy rate in Pakistan bieng very low this burden shifts to all groups in our country may they be social such as family,economic such as labourers,artisans, farmers,special gender groups such as vulnerable groups of children,women,old and infirm.The lack of availibility of health care including access ,infrastructure,trained personnel such as psychiatrists,psychologists, family medicine specialists trained in psychiatry all enhances the health poverty cycle. All this translates into a vicious cycle of poverty,frustration and violence. In order to find the rudder in a sinking ship, the affected find solace in justifying violent behaviour as some form of religious duty.This is a form of trying to build self esteem.I see all forms of violent behavior in our society directlty linked to poverty, illiteracy ,and mental health problems.The funny part is this that the most educated, influential and politically powerfull groups are behaving in a most base a nd corrupt way.They truly lack vision, character,are corrupt,insincere to the core,tryig to follow a lavish lifestyle and education which is not purpose built..Most of the research papers are plagerised.Only the resourcefull and sycophants with false and almost no values get into the higher education systems.The results of all the excercises in development framework are excercises in futility as most of the funding usually by World bank,Asian developmement bank USaid is totally wasted.All the social sector programs either fail or are rolled back incomplete.Latest scandal o f the GAVI AIDS,Tuberculosis, program failing is a case in point. I may be sounding very bitter but this is the stark truth.As regards the talibanisation factor this is not so much an ideological war a s much as it is linked to poor social sector development,poverty and total lack of social and judicial access to justice to the common man.Bad luck for Pakistan that 9/11 fell at a time when our cauldron of injustice,poverty,total lack of opportunities for ordinary folks,some 160 million of them was boiling to a pont of no return in this Hamletian body.

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